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  •  Eritrea has a dismal human rights record under President Isaias Afwerki and conditions continue to worsen as the economy struggles under the strain of isolation. Despite pleas by Eritrean refugee advocates abuses in Eritrea are largely ignored by the [...]
  • Kenyan officials are reporting 12 people have been confirmed dead and dozens injured in twin blasts that hit a 14 passenger Matatu mini bus in Nairobi’s Gikomba Market. The blasts were reportedly caused by two improvised explosive devices that detonated two [...]

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  • Since the Westgate shopping mall in September 2013 the population of Nairobi has been strangled by fear. The Westgate attack was carried out by the notorious Somali terrorist [...]

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  • Reading through the list of attacks in Mogadishu over the last year is sobering. Al-Shabab’s relentless in its campaign of violence continues and many incidents are [...]


  • Mass Causality Terrorist Event in Nairobi or Mombasa Another major terrorist event in Nairobi or Mombasa is probably the most likely and dangerous event that could occur in [...]